Vicki  “Lonewolf” Thompson is from the hills of Southern Ohio with maternal Native American roots in Grundy, VA and Elkhorn City, KY.

Vicki enjoys the woods, tracking animals, gathering medicinal roots, and taking photos for ideas for artwork which she paints on Kentucky coal, turkey feathers, leaves, bark, machetes, saws and canvas. She has previously had  artwork for sale at David Appalachian Craft, David, KY, Prestonburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, Prestonburg, and Appalachian Artisan Center in Hindman.

Vicki’s artwork reflects her natural ability and her passion for the Appalachian region and it’s culture. Her work is both refreshing and unique.

My Heart is in these mountains. I spend as much time as possible roaming the woods for material for my artwork. I try to use natural native material to portray the beauty of Kentucky. I’m at one with nature.”